Supplemental Tryouts

for Boys Born in 2011
Saturday, January 15th
3-4PM @ Betty Ray Park
(Rain date: January 22nd)

New to Storm FC?

  1. Check out the About Us section of this website for information on our mission and values. It explains who we are and what we believe in.
  2. Feel free to reach out to the club for more information or to have a representative of the club contact you. You may contact us here.

    Thank you for your interest in Storm FC!!

    Storm FC supports the player’s right to choose as outlined in the By-Laws of the OSYSA. Click here to read more.

    All players have the right and opportunity to choose which team, club or association of teams tryouts they wish to attend. No team, club, association of teams, or OSYSA member league may violate, infringe or restrict this basic right for players in any manner.

    Further, Storm FC expects that player will honor their commitment to a club for the entire seasonal year:

    Players, parents and coaches must also recognize that players are bound to the team for the entire seasonal year once they sign a player registration form, subject to the Bylaws of OSYSA and their member leagues regarding player transfers and voluntary quits.

    The complete By-Laws pertaining to this topic can be found at https://www.osysa.com/assets/59/6/players_right_to_choose_010718.pdf

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