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Training & Fees

Storm Fees

CLUB FEES (2020-2021)

The club fee is $250 for the full year, payable in one or two equal installments.

A $125 deposit (half of the club fee) is required to accept a position on the team. 

TEAM FEES (2020-2021)

The team fee ranges from $200 to $300 depending on the number of tournaments, and are collected by your coach.

Team fees include referee fees, 2-3 tournaments, equipment (especially new teams), pre-season technical and tactical camp that all teams attend, as well as miscellaneous expenses.


The base uniform kit costs around $130 and are cycled through every two years. Our current design is a custom Under Armour uniform that includes two jerseys, shorts, socks and a practice jersey.


Scholarships are available if needed. Click here to learn more.


Winter Training
Most teams participate in winter training at Cincinnati Sports Nation in Milford. That training focuses on ball skill development and runs for 8 consecutive Friday nights in January and February. Many teams hire a trainer from Coerver to teach ball skills. The overall cost for this typically runs from $800 to $1600 (if using a Coerver trainer) per team. That cost is then divided among participating players. Often several teams will train together sharing the overall fees.

Storm Gear


Our custom designed uniforms are made by Under Armour. The cost of a uniform kit is approximately $151.50 and consists of:

  • Custom Home and Away Jerseys
  • Custom Shorts
  • Socks
  • Practice Jersey

Click Here for More Info and to Place an Order

Fan Gear

Show support for your players and Storm FC with some cool new fan gear!

Click Here for More Info and to Place an Order

Uniform Swap

We’ve created a Facebook Uniform Exchange to make it easy for you to buy, sell, or swap Loveland Storm Uniforms.

You must check with your coach or Jessica Buringrud (Uniform Coordinator) before purchasing a jersey to approve the jersey number for your team and age group.

The 2020 (Fall) – 2021 (Spring) seasons will be the last year for this uniform cycle. A new uniform cycle will start in the Fall of 2021.

Click here to email Jessica Buringrud
Click Here to View the Facebook Page

Policies & Forms

Severe Weather Policy
Upon hearing thunder, the fields are to be cleared immediately. NO exceptions!

Upon seeing lightning, the fields are to be cleared immediately. NO exceptions!

A lightening detector is located at Phillips Park. One long blast indicates lightning has been detected in the area. It is possible lightning will be seen before the detector goes off. Upon hearing a lightning detection siren (long blast), fields are to be cleared immediately. No exceptions!

The lightning detector will give 3 long blasts to indicate all clear.

Regardless of how far you estimate thunder or lightning to be from the field area, coaches and trainers are to clear all team personnel from the field area and ensure they are under a shelter or in a vehicle for safety. There must be 30 minutes without thunder or lightning before players/parents/coaches may return to the fields. There are no exceptions; the safety of our club members is the top priority for Loveland Storm FC.

Failure to follow this policy could jeopardize a coach’s good standing with Loveland Storm FC.

Loveland Storm FC requires referees to wait 30 minutes after hearing thunder, seeing lightning or after a lightning detector goes off before making a decision to resume play.

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Need to update your information, register for tryouts or pay your soccer fees?

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Register for Tryouts

Tryouts are held every Spring. Click “Learn More” to visit our Tryouts page for more information and to register.

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Additional Info

Giving Back

We believe in investing in our community. We believe it is a privilege to play soccer for Loveland Storm FC, and that soccer should not be just about ‘me’.

Each team is expected to undertake a community service project each season as part of its investment in the community. Our Coaches and Team Admins work hard to make this a rewarding and fun experience for our players, and we couldn’t be more proud of their efforts.

Click here to learn more about how we’re giving back.

Storm Scholarship
We created the Loveland Storm Scholarship Program to assist young soccer players who may not be able to participate in soccer due to a lack of financial resources.

Scholarships are given out once a season, and a new application is required each season with no limit to the number of seasons that you may apply.

Forms must be filled out entirely and must provide a clear picture of need and circumstances relative to the need, and the Head Coach must also submit a team budget that outlines the player’s fees to the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarships may be used to cover club and team fees. The maximum amount for a scholarship award shall not exceed the full amount of one season’s budgeted player’s fees (club fees and team fees).

Scholarships do not cover uniforms, other team or spirit wear or equipment or optional winter training for indoor soccer.

Click Here to Apply

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